North Valley Hockey and Sports Complex (NVHSC) is an inline roller hockey league located in Hamilton City, California. Established in 2003, our non-profit, all volunteer organization is dedicated to teaching the sport of inline hockey to boys and girls ag

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Ironman Tournaments

Ironman Tournaments are for the few and proud that want to punish themselves in the name of hockey.  No subs, no rests, all hockey. After a goalie covers or after a goal, the puck is pulled out of the crease, brought behind the goal line, and play will resume once it crosses the goal line again. Action never stops. 

Rules are as follows: 

  • 4 skaters and 1 goalie
  • NO Substitutes
  • 12 minute clock
  • No face-offs unless puck goes out of play
  • Goalies play puck behind the net on saves
  • All penalties result in a penalty shot (at the end of the game) 
  • 8 goal mercy rule enforced
  • All ties go into sudden death overtime if the score remains tied after penalty shots
  • The overtime will be ongoing until a goal is scored
  • Fighting is not tolerated and results in immediate expulsion from tournament 
  • In the event of a stadings tie, if one contesting team has beaten the other than that team will move forward.  If two contesting teams have not played each other goals against will be counted first and goals for will be counted second.  The team with the fewest goals against and for will move forward.
  • In the event of player injury the team suffering must finish the game.  After the game the team that is down may choose a substitute.  (Must fit all requirements)

General Info:

  • Youth B: 10-14 years old, intermediate skill level (no or very little travel hockey experience) 
  • Youth A: 10-14 years old, advanced skill level
  • Adult B: 15 and over, intermediate skill level or 35 and over
  • Adult A: 15 and over, advanced skill level
  • Age requirements are as of the tournament date.
  • Cost: $125 per youth team; 150$ per adult team 
  • Space is limited: Only 4 teams per division.
To RSVP for you team or as an individual or for questions please contact Lori McGlone